Christine P Chytraus, BSN, RN, CPM, CCM
Disclosures: Nothing to disclose

Christine P. Chytraus “Chris” R.N., BSN, CPM, CCM




SelectHealth                                                                                    Manager Medicaid/CHIP

2011 Current                                                                      Healthy Connections             


Oversee the Care Management/Utilization Management of Medicaid and CHIP members enrolled with SelectHealth.

  • Manage staff of RN’s, LCSW, LMFT
  • Manage budget for Team
  • Maintain compliance with NCQA and EQRO
  • Implement programs for the Line of Business to foster growth
  • Oversee special projects including the Opioid and Pregnancy, Alliance and monitor costs for members

Utah Department of Health                                                   Fostering Healthy Children Program Manager

2001 – 2011

Oversee a statewide Administrative Case Management program that is a collaboration between the Utah Department of Human Services Division of Child and Family Services, Utah Department of Health, Children with Special Health Care Needs Bureau, and Utah Medicaid in meeting the health care needs of children in foster care.

      • Manage staff of 32 employees
      • Manage budget of 1.3 million dollars
      • Enhance medical oversight of children in foster care putting Utah on the forefront of best practice programs
      • Assist in negotiating the health requirements in the David C Lawsuit Settlement Agreement
      • Provide education and training consultation to other states on practice improvement in meeting the health and mental health care needs of foster children
      • Continue to implement tracking measures for children in foster care to make sure health and mental health care needs are being met
      • Collaborate and coordinate with psychiatric providers including in-patient, outpatient and community mental health centers regarding the psychiatric care of children in foster care
      • Oversee the utilization of psychiatric medication use and address concerns of overutilization with psychiatric providers and the Division of Child and Family Services
      • Chair of the State Drug Endangered Child Medical Task Force responsible to provide education and training on substance abuse and drug endangered children
      • Implement the use of developmental screening tool and early referral for children with developmental or social/emotional issues that were identified





Voices for Utah Children                                                                      Policy/Advocacy Specialist/Lobbyist

1999 – 2001

Responsible for advocacy related to children’s health and child care issues for the state of Utah.   Initiated the implementation of the Children’s Campaign of Utah, a grass roots public awareness campaign.   One of the key objectives was to educate the public on how to advocate for changes to improve public policy related to children. 

      • Participated in the legislative process related to children’s issues
      • Registered lobbyist for Utah Children
      • Provided accurate statistical information to legislators on issues related to children
      • Trained and educated community members across the state on how to advocate
      • Collaborated with state Representatives and Senators on key issues for children including mental health issues and safety issues


The Sharing Place                                                                                                     Founder/Executive Director

1991- 1999

Developed and implemented a successful grief support program for children, teens and their families for the Wasatch front area.  Collaborated with community partners to establish a non-profit 501-C-3 organization, including formation of a Board of Directors and facilitated acquiring grants and donations to support a financially sustainable organization.

      • Developed an effective grief support program
      • Established a capital campaign to purchase a home for the program and develop a strong endowment fund for the on-going success of the program
      • Created Human Resource policies, to include hiring and payroll guidelines
      • Provide on-going volunteer recruitment and training
      • Provided education, training and outreach to mental health providers in the Wasatch Front in addressing grief issues


HCA St. Mark’s Hospital                                                                   Various staff and management roles

1977 – 1997

During my tenure at St. Mark’s Hospital, I held numerous staff and management positions.  Management positions included:  Staff Development Instructor, Manager PACU/Short Stay Surgery/Endoscopy; and culminating in Administrative Director of Nursing over specialty areas.

      • Provided education and training for ICU/CCU Courses within the Critical Care Consortium (St. Mark’s, U of U, VA, Holy Cross)
      • Facilitated growth and enhancement of the outpatient surgery program
      • Fostered effective patient, employee and physician relationships within the hospital setting
      • Administratively responsible for the management of the psychiatric unit within the facility including staffing issues, policy and procedure development,  physician relations with psychiatric providers and Joint Commission Accreditation




Certified Public Manager Course                                                                             Completed June 2005

The Certified Public Manager® program is a nationally accredited management development

program for public managers and supervisors. It is a comprehensive course of study by which students can acquire and apply the best practices and theory to their management behaviors and strategies using prescribed sets of professional standards. Those who complete the program earn a professional designation of CPM (Certified Public Manager).


Westminster College                                                                                                                                  1973-1977

BS in Nursing



2010 - Excellence in Improving Systems of Care for Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs and their Families – U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Maternal Child Health Bureau

2010 – The Phoenix Award - U of U School on Alcoholism and other Drug Dependencies                              Drug Endangered Children

2009 – Manager of the Year Nominee - Utah Department of Health

2009 – State Community Partner Award – Division of Child and Family Services

2005 – Distinguished Alumni Award – Westminster College Alumni Association

2003 – Manager of the Year Nominee– Utah Department of Health

1996 – The Golden Rule Award – J.C. Penney Company 1996

1995 – Community Collaboration Award – Junior League of Salt Lake City



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