Janet Sirstins, BSN
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Janet H

Janet H. Sirstins, RN, BSN, CDE

[email protected]il.org


              Primary Children’s Outpatient Diabetes Clinic

              PCH Eccles Outpatient Services

              81 N. Mario-Capecchi Drive

              SLC, UT  84113





              1980                            Associate of Science Degree                                          Ricks College

                                                                                                                              Rexburg, Idaho

              1983                            Associate of Science Degree in Nursing              Brigham Young University

Provo, Ut.

              1993                            Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing              Weber State University

                                                                                                                              Ogden, Ut.


              Utah                            Registered Nurse  # 212832-3102



1986                                 Primary Children’s Oncology/Chemotherapy Certification


1995                            National Certificiation for Pediatric Nurses

                                          Certified Pediatric Nurse


              1999                            National Certification Bd. For Diabetes Educators             

                                          Certified Diabetes Educator # 2022-0525



1978                                                          Warren’s Holladay Pharmacy

Pharmacy assistant

1980-1981                                      Kris Rosander, DDS

Dental office assistant

1981-1982                                      Stephen Carr, M.D.

Medical assistant

1982-l996                            Primary Children’s Medical Center Medical/Surgical Unit

                                          R.N. (Charge Nurse, floor nurse)

1996 to present              Primary Children’s Outpatient Diabetes Clinic

                                          1996-Clinic Nurse Educator/Research Coor.

                                          2002-Clinic Operations Manager

                                          2004-Clinic and Office Manager/ Program Manager

                                          2021- Ambulatory Nurse Manager, PCH Diabetes Program


Professional Organizations

American Association of Diabetes Educators

American Association of Diabetes Educators of Utah

Janet H. Sirstins, CV

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              Blood Administration Policy                            1986

              Wilms Tumor                                                        1987-1992

              Type 1 Diabetes Panel of Parents               2003

              The Adult Learner                                          2000-2012

              Bedtime Correction/ Correction Dosing       2014

            PCH Diabetes Pathology and Clinic Scheduling  2016, 2017, 2018                                                                                                 


              Primary Children’s Nursing Professional Excellence Award               1991, 2001

              University of Utah College of Nursing Recognition                                          2001

              PCH Nurse Leader Excellence Award                                                        2022



              Coordinator, National Diabetes Prevention Trial                                          1995 to 1999

              Co-Investigator, ADAPT Study (see attached)                                          2008

              Detection of Pediatric Diabetes Mellitus and Type 1 Diabetes Patients, Using

                            Administrative Data                                                                                    2014-2015

              GRAD Program/Research Project                                                                      2016-2021



Community Service

              Girl Scouts of America                                          1995 to 2005

              Wasatch Elementary School Volunteer              1993 to 2008

              LDS Young Women (teens) President              1984 to 2004, 2013-2014

              LDS Relief Society Counselor                            2004 to 2009

              LDS Youth Sunday School Teacher, age 14-15  2015

              LDS Stake Primary-Nursery Counselor         2016



Lead Projects:

              *Move Diabetes Clinic from Utah Diabetes Center, Research Park, to PCH Eccles   2014

              *Intermountain Diabetes Board Goals / PCH Board Goals         2014 -2016

              (Revision of CPM, Revision of Education Tools, MH Integration)

*LTAs created/revised:  Driving with Diabetes, Hypoglycemia: Diabetes problem;     Diabetes Apps; Diabetes Sick Day Management; CGMs in Diabetes; Insulin Pumps; Diabetes in Schools  2015-2016

*Glucgon Administration in PCH Outpatient Clinic Procedure 2015

*Insulin Dosage Modifications PCH Diabetes Clinic Protocol 2015/annual review

*PCH Diabetes Telehealth Clinic- Dixie, 2016

*Implementation of Cerner, team lead, 2017

*Implementation of Care Management in Diabetes Clinic, 2017

*New LTAs:  Mini-Dose Glucagon, DKA, 2018

              *Updated LTAs: Sick Day, Teacher Information about Diabetes, 2018

              *Implemented HomeCare Plan for New Onsets, 2018

*Implementation of DIME Clinic, 2018

*New BG tracking sheet for New Onsets, 2018

*Moved iCentra diabetes documentation from “ad hoc” to “ivew”

*Updated Diabetes Clinic Website, 2018

*Mental Health Integration: started new depression and anxiety screening, 2018

*School Nurse Workshop Course Director 2010-present

*Revised Diabetes Basics Book, 2020

*Developed New T2 Diabetes Basics Book, Medication-Induced Diabetes Book, 2020

*CPM revision, Ped T1D and T2D, 2021

*A3 Project: SGRH and UVH Inpatient diabetes education, 2021-2022

*QI Project Team - 2022




              Brianne M. Galbraith, David Jackson, Mary Murray, Jeff Schunk, Jane Sims, Janet Sirstins, Allison Smego (2021). Diagnosis and Treatment of Pediatric Type 1 Diabetes. Care Process Model. Intermountain Healthcare. [Web].


Brianne M. Galbraith, David Jackson, Mary Murray, Jeff Schunk, Jane Sims, Janet Sirstins, Allison Smego (2021). Diagnosis and Treatment of Pediatric Type 2 Diabetes. Care Process Model. Intermountain Healthcare. [Web].









              References available upon request