Jennifer Terry, BS
Disclosures: Nothing to disclose - 04/13/2022

Jennifer Terry graduated from University of Utah with a Bachelor’s of Science in Physical Therapy in 1993.  She initially worked in in-patient neuro rehab for 3 years, then transferred to Intermountain Hearing and Balance Center where she gained a love for vestibular rehab.  She completed the 1st annual Vestibular Rehabilitation: Competency Based Course in 1998.  She moved to Los Angeles with her husband and first child for his graduate school, which incidentally, was also in physical therapy. Jennifer did home health PT for four years in LA, then returned to Utah working with the geriatric population, where her training and interest in balance and dizziness was utilized to help prevent falls. In 2019 she returned to Intermountain Hearing and Balance where she currently provides vestibular rehab to patients with dizziness and imbalance. In 2021 she received a certificate in Vestibular Rehabilitation Competency with updated training in concussion and other advancements in vestibular disorders.


Jennifer prepared and teaches training classes for acute therapists in the Intermountain system to help them assess and treat acutely dizzy patients. This improves the care they receive in the emergency department and gives them access to necessary services. She is part of Intermountain’s Vestibular Professional Group and the Utah Valley Sports Medicine Concussion team.  In her free time she loves to hike and enjoy the beauties of Utah with her husband and five children.