Kevin Arthur, ASB
Disclosures: Nothing to disclose - 03/07/2022



Kevin has served as the Emergency Management Program Manager at Primary Children’s Hospital (PCH), for the past twelve years, and also recently as an area manager for all Northern facilities.  As the Emergency Manager, he is responsible for public health and disaster emergency preparedness and response for the hospital and its affiliated clinics.  Kevin is responsible for all emergency management program design and development which includes: plan and procedure development, establishing and maintaining response assets, staff training for response to disaster situations and command cadre education and support.  


Kevin brings 40 years of experience in healthcare to his position previously serving as a hospital-based Paramedic and Emergency Management Program Manager, working for nineteen years in the Emergency Department of a 685 bed Level I Trauma Center. Immediately, post 9/11 Kevin was tasked to develop an Emergency Management Program and Department for the trauma center in South-Central Pennsylvania.


There, he was the director of Disaster Response Operations including all emergency and disaster operations for the facility and its deployable 40-person Disaster Response Team, providing a medical support unit capable of decontamination operations, and medical surge. And the director of the facility’s Tactical Response Unit which provides operator level medical support for high-risk state and federal law enforcement special operations missions.  He has also served as adjunct faculty with the Counter Narcotics Terrorism Operations Medical Support program with the Department of Defense, Casualty Care Research Center, Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, National Naval Medical Center.


In Utah he has been busy as the founding chair of the Salt Lake, Summit and Tooele Healthcare Coalition, and serving as Chair of the Utah Disaster Advisory Council which brings together all hospital emergency managers in the state for planning and response activities.  He currently serves on the executive board for both groups. He was involved in the development of the Utah State Burn Plan, the recently finished Burn Surge Annex for Healthcare Coalitions and Partners, the Utah Crisis Standards of Care Plan, and is an executive board member of the Intermountain Center for Disaster Preparedness


In the U.S. Western regions Kevin is involved in the work of the Pediatric Pandemic Network where PCH is one of five hub hospitals in the U.S. In this capacity he assists in planning for pediatric disaster regionalization efforts, development of deployable assets, and as a subject matter expert on the chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear response and medical counter-measures workgroup. He is also involved in the Western Regional Alliance for Pediatric Emergency Management.


Nationally, Kevin also supports the development of professional standards and education for healthcare emergency managers in his activities with the Association for Healthcare Emergency Preparedness Professionals (AHEPP). Here he has served as a member of the education committee, the national conference committee, and currently as the Vice President of the AHEPP Operating Board.