Janene M. Holmberg, DPT
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Janene M. Holmberg, PT, DPT, NCS




Janene M. Holmberg, PT, DPT, NCS graduated from the University of Utah with her entry level PT degree in 1987 and then in 2009 with her DPT.  She has specialized in vestibular rehabilitation and helped to establish and build Intermountain’ s Hearing and Balance Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. She has over 30 years of experience treating wide variety of patients with vestibular and neurologic dizziness/balance problems. Dr Holmberg serves as faculty at the annual, internationally respected, Vestibular Competency Course (Drs Susan Herdman and Richard Clendaniel, directors) and has been integral in establishing and teaching balance/vestibular courses in the physical therapy schools of the University of Utah, Rocky Mountain University of Health Professionals, and Las Vegas (UVLV).  She lectures nationally and internationally in the field of vestibular and balance rehabilitation with many leaders in the field at conferences, conventions and has presented numerous two-day courses in advanced vestibular/balance topics. She frequently presents educational sessions at national conventions and has been the keynote speaker in multiple state professional conferences. Dr. Holmberg was awarded Physical Therapist of the Year by the Utah Chapter APTA in 2001 for her specialty work in vestibular/balance rehabilitation and in 2014 received the Clinical Excellence in Neurology Award from the Neurology Section of the APTA. Dr Holmberg has served for years on the APTA Neurology Section's Vestibular Special Interest Group, advocating for the increased expertise and impact of vestibular rehabilitation. She was invited to serve as content expert for the Neurology section’s Vestibular Specialization Task Force (2014) and the interdisciplinary, Otolaryngology Head Neck Surgery BPPV Clinical Practice Guideline (CPG) panel, that revised and published the updated BPPV CPG in 2017. She is published in areas of BPPV, clinical updates on vestibular rehabilitation, and most recently in area of chronic dizziness secondary to functional/psychiatric disorders, specifically the diagnosis of Persistent Postural-Perceptual Dizziness (PPPD). She is currently working in a leadership position for Intermountain Rehabilitation Services where she fosters collaboration, best evidence care, clinical research and mentoring in addition to keeping a small clinical practice at the Hearing and Balance Center. She is respected skilled clinician and has mentored many in her field of expertise to better manage the complexities of the dizzy and unsteady patient.