Lincoln D. Nadauld, MD
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Lincoln D. Nadauld, MD, PhD
Vice President, Chief of Precision Health and Academics, Intermountain Healthcare




Lincoln Nadauld founded the Intermountain Precision Genomics program with a vision of finding solutions to improve health and disease through genomics and precision medicine without increasing costs. With his vision in mind, he oversees the clinical implementation of precision genomics across Intermountain’s 24 hospitals and 160 physician clinics. Dr. Nadauld serves as Intermountain Healthcare’s Chief Academic Officer. In addition, he facilitates genomic research to better understand the human genome. Nadauld conceived of and is leading the recently announced Heredigene, Population Study — a collaborative effort with deCODE Genetics in Iceland to collect and perform whole-genome sequencing on 500,000 participants in the Intermountain system. Nadauld’s work in founding Intermountain Precision Genomics was recognized with the Utah Governor’s 32nd Annual Science Medal for Industry, which is the highest civilian award to be bestowed by the state of Utah and honors significant contributions to science and technology. Dr. Nadauld also received the 2020 C2 Catalyst for Precision Medicine award, honoring those who improve personalized treatment for cancer patients. He is married with five children and enjoys attending their many activities and events, as well as water sports, fishing and other athletic pursuits.